Who is Paulo Rebelo?

I’m a professional sports betting trader. Interviews:

English Course in Sports Betting and Trading with Paulo Rebelo

Who am I?

My journey as a Professional Trader is the result of two separate routes: one as a Trader in Stock Market and other as Punter (betting online).

The betting exchange (Betfair) is no more than a market where supply and demand meets.

In Betfair I started doing Trading before the matches started (Trading pre live) and then Trading Live where the market’s fluctuation is much bigger and the Trading opportunities are enormous.

By doing simple statistical analysis before the games I was very productive and I started to have consistent positive results. As my profits were growing, I continued studying to improve my technique and correct my mistakes.

I became a full-time Trader in Sports Betting Markets, using Betfair and specializing in Trading Live in Soccer Matches.

Read more about me here and watch my first television interview here (with option CC activated for english subtitles).