Today I bring you a small but very important advice.

How can we profit when our prediction is not happening Live?

If we analyse a match, from stats to news, and we conclude that team X will not win, but then, right after the match starts, we see that team X is clearly dominating the pitch, being better than their opponents at all stages of the game and creating ample scoring opportunities…

We must be able to adapt!

We must be prepared to change our opinion and position on that match, even if it implies losing some money.

My initial analysis won’t be correct every time. I must have the open mindedness to adapt to the new data that I’m receiving as the match progresses Live.

There is nothing wrong with being wrong. It would be worse if we simply kept insisting on the same mistakes. Now that would be a problem.




  • robin o rhys

    Paulo Hi,

    I tend to agree with you. I have been into betting for about 2 years now. And I believe sometimes a match is strategically planned and appears to have a pre-determined outcome. It is possible for example a coach had pre-determined the match as a draw but tactically deceives the punters on the odds by playing a very offensive football for the first 20 minutes then sits back. Or defensive whichever goes against that odd, just to confuse the live punters because football is a massive business and everybody is aware of the financial stake at bookies on pre-live and actual live. I am not sureif you realise this. It looks similar to match fixing but here the control is not from external sources but rather a very carefully planned and complex mind game over the punters.

  • Laurence Stanley

    Very True Paulo!

    Successfull betting is about being situationally aware, ESPECIALLY when betting in-play. It’s amazing how much the mind likes to be lazy and stick with our first thought/prediction. Taking a few mindful breaths mid-game really helps me with this.

    Cheers :)


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